Titlecard raf academy
Location RAF Museum London, Grahame Park Way, London NW9 5LL
Duration 90 mins game (plus briefing)
Team Size 1-5
Speed High
Complexity High
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Calling all Royal Air Force and aviation enthusiasts! The Spitfire Academy Adventure is an exciting new experience that combines mobile games with interactive theatre. Gather friends and family, boost your engines, dust off your flying log and prepare for a once in a lifetime mission.

Assemble your squadron!

Have you ever wanted to sit in the pilot seat? Do you have the right stuff to get an aircraft back in the sky, or decode enemy intelligence? Now’s your chance to put your skills to the test!

Scramble the whole family and nose-dive into an amazing immersive adventure. Play the game, crack the clues, compete against other teams and earn your wings at the Spitfire Academy this summer!

You will have 90 minutes to fly around the museum, explore objects from RAF history, solve puzzles, interact with real-life characters and hear their stories, compete against other squadrons, and earn your place as a member of the RAF Spitfire Academy.

Be the hero of an epic story of derring-do, surrounded by some of the greatest aircrafts in history!

Junior Adventurers

Children are very welcome (and get Concession pricing)! This game is great for kids ages 6 and over. Little ones are still welcome to join the team (for free!). There'll need to be at least one over-18 in each team.


Royal Air Force Museum London (former Hendon Aerodrome).


All of our clues are in English, and you will need a basic grasp of the language in order to play. You do not need to be fluent, but it does help. Please get in touch if you have any language concerns.

Shall We Begin?

Play as a squadron of up to six recruits. Larger groups can go head-to-head with several teams.

In association with the RAF Museum

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