Get Quick or Spy Trying

Location Multiple London Locations
Duration 120 mins
Team Size 2-5
Speed High
Complexity High
Accessible? No

Hardboiled secret agents needed! Can you search a room without leaving a trace? Can you defuse an explosive situation? Can you impersonate an enemy agent without blowing your cover? If you answered 'yes', then you could be a fine new recruit for the Central London Action Wing (C.L.A.W.)

Meet Agent Hawk and join the C.L.A.W. team for two hours to prove your worth as a secret agent. You'll race against the clock completing special missions, cracking cryptic messages, and keeping your cool while the enemy is in hot pursuit.

Escape Room Meets Street Race

We've combined the high-energy urban adventure of Citydash with the paranoia of Undercover, and added escape-room style puzzle-solving tasks to create multi-layered immersive thrills!


Our enemies at K.A.T. are coming to get you. As masters of disguise, they could be anyone, anywhere, and their proximity tech means that they can compromise you just by getting close. Be stealthy, but be ready for a quick getaway.

You'll need to keep your cool under intense pressure, whether you're recovering enemy dead drops on the streets, ambushing enemy teams in KILLCODE, black-bagging a hostile operative's HQ in SLEEPER, or dealing with MONGOOSE.


We recommend Evasion for teams of 3 to 4, though solo applicants are welcome and can be added to scratch teams. Track your performance on the live leaderboard: we like to encourage competition among our agents. We only want the best of the best at C.L.A.W., so be prepared to outwit, evade, and set traps for your rivals as well as enemy agents.

If you really want to impress Agent Hawk, dress in your best action agent outfit: tactical turtlenecks and dark glasses encouraged.

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