Who We Were

Fire Hazard Games was an Immersive Gaming Studio making games all around the world for over ten years.

We made high-energy real-life games that are easy to play and hard to forget. We took inspiration from computer games and movies and combine it with cutting-edge tech to make competitive, character-led experiences with the players at the centre.

This Website is our legacy

To all our friends and fans:

After eleven years of making games, Fire Hazard Games has come to an end.

We want to thank our amazing crew, who have performed as monsters, adventurers, spies, wizards, 'dashers, and more over the years. And we’d like to thank the many writers, designers and freelancers, and the partners who have worked with us - you’ve continually helped us to stretch the form and up our game.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of you for coming out to play with us; it’s you, our players who have brought our games to life and encouraged us in this playful, silly, slightly smoking, sometimes terrifying, but always exciting adventure. Thank you for going on it with us.

- The Fire Hazard team

Michelle, Amy, Sofia, Tony, Ziz & Gwyn